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Company Registration number: 591109 

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Coaching Services

Our Purpose

“Leaders must be willing to face what they will need to change about themselves as well as change about their organizations to successfully solve adaptive challenges.”

Ronald Heifetz and Donald Laurie, “The Work of Leadership” HBR December 2001

Our Purpose is to contribute towards the Repair, Healing & Transformation of our client Systems. Thereby helping to build sustainable value in organisations by supporting the 4Ps' (People/Profit/Planet/Presence) and the “lifting of consciousness”.

Our mission is to partner and support organisations overcoming theit behavioural limitations that hinder innovation most: envisioning the future, breaking down resistance, and navigating unknown territory.


Our calling for transformational work is deep, profound change – adaptive as oppose to technical; vertical learning (meaning-making) as oppose to horizontal (micro-skills) based on interdisciplinary approaches as oppose to one model (i.e. Integral Leadership; Jungian and Evolutionary Psychology; ORA (Organisational Role Analysis) and Systems Thinking; Indigenous Wisdom (i.e. Eco-spirituality)...all in service of supporting change and ongoing learning.

We work with all untapped resources: The Known and the unknown; The Visible and the invisible; The Complicated and the complex; The Measurable and intangibles resources; The Active and reflective; Spirit and shadow and the Unconscious and conscious ones…etc. 


Why?“We work with leaders and teams who are on the edge, who are discovering new possibilities, looking for different ways of doing business and who don’t want to repeat what has already been done …”

What We Do
Executive Leadership Coaching

The challenges and complexities of VUCA require our clients to change not what they know, but how they know. This requires a different kind of change, one which is more complex than simply adding more information to the way they may currently see the world.


Coaching engagements range from First-90 days on boarding; behavioural performance coaching; transition leadership to developmental leadership coaching; change readiness; leadership team alignment; sales team achievement and business innovation readiness. 

Team Performance Coaching 

Team coaching employs all of the common characteristics of one-to-one coaching but focuses on the team as a collective unit rather than a set of individuals. This takes into account the complexity of the team, including relationships (i.e. trust, conflict….etc.), processes (i.e. operating norms), context and goals leading to high performing teams by fostering collaboration. 


We organise Team Leadership Retreats, Team Strategy Days or Team Development days using team diagnostic tools such as the Belbin methodology or LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to facilitate collaboration, team purpose, team order to increase efficiencies and engagement, 

Team Coaching engagements range from team leadership alignment; sales team performance; business innovation readiness to long-term whole system transformation (Systemic Team Coaching)

Practice Areas
  • IT & Telecom

  • Energy (Utilities and Renewable)

  • Education (University)

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Insurance

  • Medical Device

  • Bio Technology & Medical Research

  • Pharma

  • Clinical Diagnostics