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How to unlock successful 

scale-up growth

The key challenges and how to overcome them.

Only 3% of StartUps go on to Scale-Up or 70% of companies disappear in the valley of death or become self-sustaining after their first seed investment and on average 2% will earn a return for their VC funders.


This quick guide to scaling focuses on start-ups past the search phase (problem-solution fit) having moved into the execution phase of their business model (product-market fit), or from a funding cycle past “bootstrapping” and moving towards early-stage, Series A funding.

It’s based on 15+ years of experience as a professional executive coach, coaching 100+ Scaleups across Europe working with Executive teams crossing the Death Valley.


We give you a 63-pages cheat sheet of sorts, that lays out some of the key challenges and how to overcome them.

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