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Do you need to grow your productivity and cross the Product-Market fit Death Valley?

If you're a startup looking to grow your business, we can help.

You're entering the Technology Readiness Level (TRL 6/7) Death Valley commercialisation phase. You've built your startup, and now you have to get it out into the world. But as you're starting to learn, growing a company is hard work - and it's going to be a lot harder than you thought!

We're here to help. We've partnered with hundreds of European startups who are facing challenges of growing productivity - we do this by increasing your transfer of learning, upgrading your business plan, your strategic implementation or a faster market entry in order to improve your Investor Readiness Level (IRL) assessment.

Our learning methodology provides unparalleled structure to simplify the start-up building process. By utilizing our approach, entrepreneurs can quickly and effectively launch their businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their goals and objectives, enabling them to squeeze time in their lifecycle and grow faster

Our main learning channel is transformational coaching using the golden standard from the world leading body in the profession ICF.

The ICF Credentialing program, including its certification exam, is a set of research-based competencies that articulate the essential knowledge, skills and approaches used within the coaching profession.

Professional Business coaches add more value because they provide personalized guidance, encouragement, and support to help founders reach their goals. They also provide an objective, unbiased perspective on the founder's strengths and weaknesses, which can help them identify areas where they need to improve.

This means for our clients a rigorous quality management process measured by external indicators of performance and internal indicators of success (see our LinkedIn profile for client references). The use of proven techniques and methods rooted in science can also be beneficial, as it helps to ensure that the leadership development coaching and advisory services we offer are effective and reliable.

At its core Entrepreneurial coaching is reflection- and action-based learning method in entrepreneurial education as opposed to the expert-consultation side of mentoring.

This means providing you with a different kind of change, one which is more complex than simply adding more information to the way you may currently see the world.

When it comes to change, we tend to think in terms of how many things can happen at once. However, this is not the only way that change can happen. In fact, our brains are designed to handle more complex patterns of change than simple addition or subtraction. This kind of change is about shifting your perspective, about seeing something in a way that you never have before. It’s not about adding information to your current worldview, but about changing how you view the world as a whole.

The potential of Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs can be identified at individual, founding team and organisation levels (see visual on our eBook landing page):

1. The founder(s) and his leadership behaviours, mental models (i.e. beliefs) and beings

2. The startup operational system, structure and processes improving its go2market strategy, business model, value proposition and investor readiness assessment

3. The linkage between leadership team performance and organizational performance

4. The broader contextual innovation ecosystem / product-market fit

BC Team Coaching is not just a checklist company on how to achieve scaling, we disrupt our clients’ thinking patterns and use leadership coaching as a learning technology so our clients know what to do next.

We seek to masterfully apply our coaching process and vicennial experience in coaching competency skills so the client has the opportunity to connect with more of their self-knowledge, to gain more self-clarity, to formulate their own best solutions. This self-discovery process can be crucial for developing a successful business strategy and achieving long-term success.

While having similarities with coaching, this is one of main differences with Startup Accelerator mentoring, one of main learning channels in the ecosystem.

Certified professionals who coach as a profession, help individuals find their own solutions rather than offering them subjective advice or opinions. The best leadership coaches don’t hand over the answer keys to their coachees. No, they help leaders to develop the skills necessary to find innovative, useful answers themselves.

In conclusion, we value learning because we believe the effectiveness of organisational learning is the most important competitive advantage for all organisations and, as organisational environments change faster, so the rate of learning must increase.

Download our 63-pages eBook "How to Unlock Successful Scale Up growth" our dynamic process for solving organizational problems, advancing individual skills, building teams, and developing leaders.


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