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Executive Leadership Coaching Dublin
Executive Leadership Coaching

VUCA reflects on the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity of general conditions and situations and is a practical code for awareness and readiness. It offers a great source of knowledge that deals with learning models for VUCA preparedness, anticipation, evolution and intervention.

The challenges and complexities of VUCA require you to change not what you know, but how you know. This needs a different kind of change, one which is more complex than simply adding more information to the way you may currently see the world.

Coaching engagements range from First-90 days onboarding; Behavioural Performance Coaching; Transition Leadership to Developmental Leadership Coaching; Change Readiness; Leadership Team Alignment; Sales Team Achievement and Business Innovation Readiness. 

Increasing Leadership Capacity,

Team Leadership Performance

& Agility

Engaging employees to execute on Strategy, Vision, and Values

Team Performance Coaching

Team coaching employs all of the common characteristics of one-to-one coaching but focuses on the team as a collective unit rather than a set of individuals. This takes into account the complexity of the team, including relationships, processes, context, and goals leading to high performing teams by fostering collaboration.

We organize Team Leadership Retreats, Team Strategy Days or Team Development days using team diagnostic tools such as the Belbin methodology, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® or others to facilitate collaboration, team purpose, team working or to evaluate a startup team 'IRL' performance.


Team Coaching engagements range from Team Leadership Alignment; Sales Team Performance; Business Innovation Readiness to Long-Term Whole System Transformation.

Business Coaching Services

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and rare.


Patrick Lencioni


What our clients say

My executive coaching engagement experience with Bernard was both inspiring and thought-provoking. He helped me examine my working practices and ultimately led to me greatly improving areas of weakness and fine tuning my strengths.

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas

VP of Engineering at Ante Technologies LLC

Business Inno Coaching

Business Innovation Coaching

EIC Partner_BC Team Coaching
What's the problem we're trying to solve?

Only 4% of Series A start-ups go on to scale-up and the leading indicator of risk in a venture (outside of funding) is the strategic misalignment process from the "founder-market" fit or lack of impact between leadership team performance and organizational performance


The business case for most of our interventions is to partner with startups who are facing challenges of growing productivity crossing the commercialisation Death Valley phase, by increasing the transfer of learning (of their mentoring programs) by 20%: 


Tomorrow’s managers will need to know how to build a learning organization - where progress is measured by validated learning -  and an execution organization - where progress is measured according to traditional value streams.


They will need to know how to combine those organizations into one coherent whole.

Eric Ries The Lean Start-Up

Our Solution: Organizational Development Coaching

Our sweet-spot is the up-scaling stage life cycle of HPSU/SMEs where market segmentation and product service architecture are strategic tasks requiring a serious upgrade of the management capability. For this, we use OD Coaching as a conversational leadership tool to enable change and transformation where we have piloted many projects with European Accelerators such as the EIC.


OD Coaching aims to mobilise the tangible and intangible resources of the SME or HPSU to ensure the efficiency and performance of the company organization.


This means we coach at three interconnected levels Individual (Inner-Outer selves) - Teams (Performance) and Operational Engine (KPI economic values) in order to support the scaling of High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) companies for their expansion stage.


The effectiveness of organisational learning is the most important competitive advantage for all organisations and, as organisational environments change faster, so the rate of learning has to increase.

Our Measurement: Business Impacts

We measure changes from interventions in business impact variables (i.e. efficiencies improvement such as time savings; productivity; team effectiveness performance) and intangibles by identifying impact measures not converted to monetary value (i.e. self-awareness; collective intelligence).

Research found that leadership has a 10 to 15% impact on financial performance and a 25 to 30% impact on market valuation. Source HBR 2017, Vincent Tsu.

Leaders must be willing to face what they will need to change about themselves as well as change about their organizations to successfully solve adaptive challenges.

Ronald Heifetz and Donald Laurie, The Work of Leadership

Business Innovation Coaching
Organizational Development Coaching
Practice Areas

Practice Areas

  • IT, Internet, Digital & Software

  • Energy (Utilities & Renewable)

  • Education (University)

  • Electronics, Instruments, Hardware

  • Finance & Insurance

  • Medical Device

  • Chemistry & Materials

  • Mechanical & Automation

  • Biotechnology & Medical Research

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Clinical Diagnostics

  • Commerce and Retail


What our clients say

Bernard is a world-class executive coach with a direct approach. While Bernard is very skilled and has many tools, processes to lead any coaching program, he invests time in his clients by getting to know their needs and requirements. 

It is no surprise to me that Bernard is ICF Ireland Coach of the year. I look forward to working with him again and I would highly recommend his work.


Jeremy James Launders

European Head of Operations at Bimeda


Coaching is the leadership style of the future

Watch this interesting video about what coaching is from the International Coach Federation.

Leadership Coaching

Understanding vertical development

In the past, corporate programmes favoured horizontal development, which focuses on technical competencies and subject-matter expertise. Today, the trend is towards vertical development, or soft skills, to create a balance.




Our calling is around strategic transformational change – vertical learning – raising the level of consciousness of individuals, teams, and organisations in order to future proof them.

Future proof your organization
Understanding vertical development
Vertical Learning
vertical learning


Mindset Transformation
How you do what you do
  • Improves how you think and how you interpret any situation increasing your thinking capabilities

  • Essential to address complex, uncertain, chaotic problems and navigating rapidly changing ambiguous circumstances

  • Develops your mental complexity, emotional intelligence, professional maturity by supporting the upgrade of your leadership operating system

  • Transformational ‘pull’ learning mostly through lived experiences and contextual meaning-making

Horizontal Learning


Competence Development
What you do
  • Increases what you know by focusing more on skills, adding information and strengthening your technical expertise

  • Essential for solving simple or complicated problem issues from clearly defined business challenges

  • Develops functional knowledge, skills and behaviours that strengthen your leadership competencies toolkit

  • ‘Push’ learning mostly acquired using classroom-type training


What our clients say

We just had a two-day session with Bernard. The first day on devising a marketing plan and the second on sales coaching. There are 2 things I liked about Bernard's approach. One is that he coached us to be accountable and measurable and secondly his approach is action-oriented. Its early days on the results but he has set us off energised and directed.


Fergal Cassidy

CEO at Measuresoft

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