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We are a Boutique Team Coaching Consultancy Firm specializing in
Whole System Transformation

Releasing untapped resources in People & Organization

Bernard coaches with the conviction that it is always about

you living a life of radical fulfillment, balance and aliveness.

BC Team Coaching Ltd works with Fortune 1000 and ScaleUps organizations, offering a deep experience of Dialogic Organization Development (OD); culture and operations management for driving customer-centric business change strategies.


Bernard describes himself as a practical hands-on businessman and a transmitter of change. Bernard is well-known for his expertise and emphasis on practical applications which makes him a resource for leadership, team and culture development, change management, interpersonal skills, and organizational analysis.

Bernard’s background includes 18 years in the high-tech sector with global Fortune 500 firms, reaching board level, where he executed in strategic sales, and operational collaborative leadership roles throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa.


This period led him to reside in seven countries on three continents (Europe, Asia, and the USA) where he commanded a proven track record in Pan-European channel sales and operations design and development with excellent project and influencing skills and the ability to drive change and influence cross-functionally.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to contribute towards the Repair, Healing, and Transformation of our clients' systems.

BC Team Coaching Purpose

Thereby helping to build sustainable value in organizations by supporting the 4Ps' (People, Profit, Planet, and Purpose) through the "Lifting of Consciousness”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner and support organizations 

overcoming their behavioural limitations that hinder innovation most.

✓  Envisioning the future

✓  Breaking down resistance

✓  Navigating unknown territory

BC Team Coaching Mission

Our Calling

Our calling for transformational work is deep, profound change.

BC Team Coaching Calling

Adaptive as opposed to technical; vertical learning (meaning-making) as oppose to horizontal (micro-skills) based on interdisciplinary approaches as opposed to one model (i.e. Integral Leadership; Jungian and Evolutionary Psychology; ORA (Organisational Role Analysis) and Systems Thinking; Indigenous Wisdom (i.e. Eco-spirituality). All in service of supporting change and ongoing learning.

We work with all untapped resources: The Known and the unknown; The Visible and the invisible; The Complicated and the complex; The Measurable and intangibles resources; The Active and reflective; Spirit and shadow and the Unconscious and conscious ones.


What our clients say

I completed an executive coaching assignment with Bernard in 2008-9. I found Bernard to be excellent in his field with a wealth of background material and techniques to hand and a very in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Declan Hartnett

Declan Hartnett

Europe and Canada Region Manager at GECAS

BC Team Coaching panel

About Our Coaches

We use our methodology with top leaders from many of the world’s most successful organizations.

All coaches of BC Team Coaching are certified professional coaches, have advanced degrees and have been coaching in the C-suite of publicly traded organizations. 


Furthermore, our coaches are recognized for their business acumen by global networks around the world.


Our team has worked with more than 15,000 high potential employees

Our professionals have collected and studied 360° survey data from more than 150,000 senior-level executives

About Us

ICF Ireland Coach of the Year

Bernard Chanliau, founder and CEO of BC Team Coaching Ltd is a sought after C-Suite Executive Leadership coach and OD Change Management consultant working from the CEO level on down.


He has helped hundreds of senior leaders in the last decade (directors and above) accelerate their careers and achieve business objectives in a wide range of industries.

BC Team Coaching

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Our Purpose

What our clients say

Bernard worked closely with me over an 8 month period on an Executive Coaching assignment. I found Bernard's approach to be insightful, thought-provoking and to the point. Bernard is direct which personally I liked, he set the tone of the coaching engagement in our first meeting making it abundantly clear coaching only works if the person been coached is both accepting and willing to put in the effort. Bernard quickly understood what was required and over the 8 month period found ways to enlighten me, positively challenge my leadership style and general self-awareness. I am very grateful for the guidance he has provided!

Frank Lynn

Frank Lynn

Director Commercial Capabilities Europe Boston Scientific

Coaching the Uncounscious Mind

Coaching the

Unconscious Mind

The unconscious is the powerhouse of the psyche, and often overrules and even reverses our conscious intentions.

It contains our personal and evolutionary baggage - all our secret fears, desires, motivations and drives.

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