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Executive Coaching Offerings

Executive Coaching Offerings

We help companies bridge the leadership gap between knowing and doing


Quote inspired by John Maxwell

Shortlist of Executive Coaching Offerings 
both for leaders & teams (with Whole System Organisational Change please contact us).

First 90 Days 

We trained with Michael Watkins, author of First 90 days, in Supporting Leadership Transition – newly promoted leaders who are identified as leaders positioned for growth and success in the organization.

Features 10 to 20 hours working over a 3 to 6 month period for transitioning leaders and emerging leaders.


Leadership Developmental Coaching 

Supporting leaders to transition to later stages of development – vertical learning - to meet the VUCA challenges in their current roles affirming organizational goals and individual leadership success.

Process features 40 to 60 hours over a 6 to 12 month period.


Preparing High Potential Leaders 

(i.e. top performers) for roles of greater responsibility.

Features 10 to 20 hours working over a 3 to 6 month period for leaders and emerging leaders.

Performance Coaching 

Mainly for managers in building a micro-leadership skill set that is perceived as critical for success in the current role. Provides focus, support and strategic business knowledge to executives whose units are behind plan and at risk of failure.

Minimum from 6 hrs.

Team (Systemic) Coaching 

Developing a climate of psychological safety, conducive to collective learning by coaching a Pseudo-team to a Real team on the Katzenbach team performance curve or taking a scientific approach to evaluating a startup team for their due diligence. 

Process features a minimum of 20hrs over a 6-months period.


360° Feedback (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching)

Administering a 360° feedback tool (i.e. Belbin Team roles) by providing the leader with behavioural feedback and creating an Individual Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Minimum from 6 hrs.

Leadership Developmental Coaching

Overcome the challenges

in your company's growth.

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What are the specific outcomes of leadership coaching?

The latest global research by the International

Coach Foundation (ICF) includes:

Leadership Development & Performance

Increased levels of employee engagement

Reduces attrition &  Improved team working

Executive Coaching Process

Our Executive Coaching Process

Our Systemic Coaching Process engenders a safe environment in which to discuss business issues, organizational problems, and leadership challenges.


What our clients say

Bernard has a great way of helping individuals and organizations to see their weaknesses and gaps, and to come up with practical solutions through greater self-awareness and/or through taking specific actions. Bernard worked with our company over the course of a year and we benefited as individuals and as an organization from his coaching. I'd recommend him to any company looking for a strategically-minded coach.

Alan Healy.jpg

Alan Healy

Co-founder and CEO Exergyn

Our Executive Coaching Process
Omgezet small

Through this rigorous process, your executives benefit from confidential and individual help,

giving them a sound and objective way to measure improvement over time.

Our Coach Launch and Fact Gathering processes use an accurate and unbiased assessment of skills, strengths, and weaknesses through 360° online data, co-creation of coaching alliance and stakeholder interviews.

This developmental, fact-based, and results-oriented Coaching Process naturally leads to a specific, actionable personal development plan, achieving real and lasting change and improvement, measured by the Final Evaluation of improved job performance, relative to Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Expectations (ROE). 


Coach Launch

  • Top Management

  • Team Kick-off

  • Coaching Match

  • Build Rapport

  • Set Expatations & Focus

  • Coachability Assessment


Fact Gathering

  • Review Existing 360° Assessment Data

  • Gather Additional Performance Data

  • Interview Stakeholders

  • Synthesize Data

  • Summary Report Coachee


Coaching Plan

  • Set Strategic Goals 

  • Syndicate with Select Stakeholders

  • Determine Coaching Approach

  • Develop Coaching Schedule

  • Establish Coaching Routine

Intervention & Support


  • On-going Coaching

  • Observations

  • Stakeholder Interaction

  • Team Analysis

  • Mid-Term evaluation

Next Steps


  • Recommended Next Steps

  • Stakeholder Feedback

  • Final Evaluation

  • Final Report

Executive Coaching Process
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