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Is your Executive Team performing at the level it needs to be?

We’re delighted to introduce the Team Impact Builder® (TIB®) Financial Impact Assessment with a partnership consultancy from the US.

It is designed to understand the risk that leadership teams create for the performance of their organizations. The TIB is a comprehensive team assessment and analysis of 22 leadership team factors shown to be highly predictive of fiscal efficacy. It has been validated with over 30 years of research in Entrepreneurial Top Management Teams.

What is the problem we’re trying to solve?

  • One in five startups fail due to team problems (CEB Insights 2021)

  • Decision making weight of the functionality of the Entrepreneurial Top Management Team (TMT) in the Investment Readiness with potential investors

  • Hidden issues in the Top Management Team that are hindering better financial performance.

  • The link between TMT identity, decision quality, and functionality and organisational performance.

How is the problem being solved now?

  • Mentoring from VC portfolio services/ Due diligence process advisors

  • Mentoring from Accelerators and knowledge/skills from serial founders (leadership gap analysis).

Do you have the best leadership team possible to raise your Investment Readiness Level (IRL)?

Is your executive team performing at the level it needs to be? Getting to know the top team and why they are exceptional to solve the problem at hand is possibly the most important consideration at the seed stage within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Understanding the “founder-market fit” or the “earned secret” are key in the IRL analysis and the weight of management perspective in the financial readiness assessments of investors can be significant outside of technology, marketability, and business feasibility perspectives.

Over the years, there has been a lot of empirical research showing the critical importance of founding top management teams that shape entrepreneurial firm performance. Taken together, these early studies indicated a critical linkage among the characteristics of top management teams, strategic decision processes, and firm performance.

BC Team Coaching is pleased to introduce the Team Impact Builder (TIB) online assessment that predicts with confidence your firm’s financial performance given top management composition and dynamics.

The TIB is based on the largest study of its kind including 14 years of in-depth research by two Ph.D.’s involving 6,000 top management teams and nearly 20,000 top executives.

We seek to understand the linkage between leadership team performance and organizational performance using our eCoaching systemic framework (see our blog) and this tool will validate this.

The TIB assessment report is based on a comprehensive assessment and analysis of 22 executive team factors shown to be highly correlated with fiscal efficacy:

  1. Team composition benchmarks and fit indices (heterogeneity of education, function, cognition, industry experience, and managerial skills) - Your team will be compared to one of the four primary normative groups compiled from the TIB database of highly successful firms, depending upon which is most relevant to your own organization’s dynamics

  2. Leadership style of the CEO/Founder as it affects team dynamics

  3. Attitudes (the satisfaction and cohesiveness of the team)

  4. Agreement (the ability of the team to effectively manage agreement during decision making)

  5. Social networking (the extent to which team members build internal and external networks)

  6. Cognition (the ability of the team to think as a group)

This tool puts science behind building an executive team. Uncover the problems with composition, dynamics, and functionality of executive teams and the critical skills that are missing.

The process is easy to engage and we make it smooth and easy for you to engage. We have deep experience with teams and with the insight from the TIB your team could build a development plan that drives it into the future. This is reinforced by the surety of science and without the drag of more difficult to implement processes.

In conclusion, the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be well served to develop more rigorous analytical tools to determine the quality of leadership within potential investment opportunities.

Research states that Leadership has a 10 to 15% impact on financial performance and a 25 to 30% impact on market valuation.

If you’re interested in discovering more, please contact us and we’ll be delighted to set up a free consultation.

We also appreciate your feedback from Investment Readiness experiences on how did the investors evaluated your TMT from previous funding rounds or how did you as an entrepreneur assess your capabilities as a TMT?


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